Educational consultancy (11-13 years)

One-on-one mentoring and counselling session aimed to achieve the following for
middle-school students:

  • Facilitate self-discovery process to identify their innate strengths
  • Guide students to build confidence to do what they can do best
  • Provide consolidated report based on findings

Career counselling (14-19 years)

  • Discover your ‘calling’ through psychometric assessments, identify innate
    strengths, interests, traits and weaknesses and find the most suitable career
  • Exploration of various careers, subjects and opportunities and facilitate the
    process of making the right choices

About Swati Lodh Kundu

Swati Lodh Kundu has a decade of experience in the education space. Swati
works with children to identify their latent potential, recognise their core strengths and aptitudes of weave suitable career path around them.

She has guided students and individuals to develop appropriate strategies based on their personal interests and strengths to pursue their chosen field so that success becomes an eventuality for them.