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About Us

At Star Magnus Academy, we believe that you can learn most effectively when provided with a combination of the right guidance and conducive atmosphere.

We believe that giving the student the absolute essence of the subject sparks interest and curiosity, and drive a more enjoyable experience of the process of learning itself.

We believe that true learning often happens in a flexible and self-paced mode.

We believe that every student is unique, and must be given an opportunity in a way to most suited to him/her.

Star Magnus Academy offers support services for the holistic development of a child through the early years through high school and higher secondary levels.

It offers a mix of subject-teaching as well as allied services like psychometric assessment, education counselling / career counselling and personal growth and hobby/vocational classes to both destress and earn a skill.

Our programs are online and flexible. Choose between individual classes or small batch classes in a small group – whatever suits you best.